Conversion of existing systems

We are expanding and upgrading your current system!

Through our numerous trips to Africa, we have already gained some impressions of different pumping systems and power sources. From the diesel generator to the manually operated water pump everything was there. We claim that there are cheaper and more reliable alternatives to these high-cost, high-maintenance systems that are prone to failure.

Alternative to Diesel generators

Even today, many villages and water pumps in Africa are supplied with electricity from diesel generators. But what applies to us Europeans also applies to Africa. Diesel is heavily contaminating the air and responsible for many pollutants. We also believe that people in Africa should have a right to live in an emission-free atmosphere!

Diesel is becoming increasingly expensive, the systems are very maintenance-intensive and pollute the environment. These and many other factors are reason enough for us in the future to rely on alternative, sustainable and above all, clean solutions!

Why our solar systems are not only an affordable, but also a sensible alternative to diesel, you can see in detail in our Solar vs. Diesel comparison.

Extension of your current system

You already have a working system, but you need more power or a reliable extension? At your request, we can upgrade your system so that sufficient power is provided in the future.

Our experts travel to Africa for you on-site and analyze the technical requirements for your system. We show you all feasible solutions and decide together with you the optimal alternative!

Whether it is the conversion of a complete system, expansion by solar systems or installation of hybrid or combination systems - we will adapt to your needs!

Replacement for hand-operated systems

What is a highlight on the playground for our children is by far not uncommon in Africa. Many families, even whole villages, are supplied with water by hand-operated, manual pumps. For some unimaginable, in Africa reality.

Our modern solar systems are cheaper from the beginning than the use of a hand pump. Why is that?

Hand pumps are subject to a high mechanical load and must therefore be frequently repaired and replaced. It may sometimes happen that for a while no water can be pumped and whole villages have to live without water supply.

Let our experts advise you and show why our solar systems are not only less expensive, but also more reliable and fail-safe!

How can we help you?

We help you to realize your individual projects. Inform yourself in detail in the individual sections or contact us today so that we can prepare a suitable offer for your project.

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