Off-Grid Solar Systems

Many people or entire regions around the world still do not have access to electricity. Off-grid solar systems offer the possibility to enable access to electricity for those regions and therefore raise the autonomy and personal freedom of these people. Especially in rural and economically underdeveloped regions, solar energy can thus contribute to a sustainable and significant improvement of living conditions. From pico systems to individual systems to whole mini-grids, there are a lot of application possibilities in the off-grid sector. Sahay Solar Engineering supports you from the planning and design of your system up until its implementation on site. 

Solar Pumping Systems

Many people around the world still suffer from severe water shortages. Especially with regard to drinking water, a reliable and uninterrupted provision is essential. Solar power, therefore, offers an ideal solution for pumping water. The areas of application are very diverse. No matter if you need a small pumping system that you can easily install yourself or a tailor-made large scale pumping system, solar power always offers a good solution for your requirements. We check these requirements together with you and find the right system.

Quality Assurance

After the installation, the operation of your solar system or your water system should run as long as possible without any problems. Through our partners and local teams, we can assure the operation of the systems through regular maintenance and repairs. Our team also happily supports you with minor questions and problems. Older already existing systems or systems installed by us can thus be maintained in the best possible way. That way, your system can generate clean and emission-free energy for as long as possible and offer the greatest amount of added value.