Training of Trainers (ToT)

In many cases, it is not sufficient to only train one individual for one specific task. We train trainers in numerous projects who are then able to train others. It is important for us to keep the time span in which the future teacher is supervised as long as possible. This mentoring usually happens through 1-2-week intensive courses as well as a guided self-study for which the students are supplied with teaching materials. Furthermore, participating in at least one of the implementation projects is mandatory for every potential trainer. 

Basic Solar Training

A solar project is only as powerful and sustainable as the people operating it in the long term. Therefore, it is important to us that every party involved in a project understood the basics of their project. Hence, we train those who later will be responsible for the project before and during the project implementation in basic courses. Thereby, we adapt to the individual needs of the participants and build on existing knowledge. 

Lectures and Seminars

No matter if the project is voluntary or professional, a completed project needs to be communicated. A subject area needs to be understood in advance. A technique needs to be learned. Therefore, it is our pleasure to offer lectures and seminars on the subjects of our work. For many of our customers, these lectures and seminars are a great opportunity to involve the stakeholders of past and future projects or to have acquired the knowledge and understanding of a specific problem before a planned project. Lectures and seminars that are custom-made and  individually tailored to the audience are offered.