Our Solar vs. Diesel Comparison

Why solar plants are better in every way!

The price of diesel is rising, the climate is changing, it is getting hotter and hotter. We explain how you can do something for Planet Earth with a project in Africa. Why solar systems have become an affordable alternative and why it pays to switch to sustainable and clean energy sources. We clarify!

Solar systems are already affordable!

In contrast to a diesel generator, solar systems already cover the acquisition costs after 5 years, while they have a lifespan of up to 25 years!

The higher costs of purchase are compensated by:

    - a much longer lifespan (25 vs. 6 years)    
    - no costs for Diesel
    - very low maintenance and repair costs

Compare the costs of diesel generators and solar systems during the year:

Comparison of Solar and Diesel by Sahay Solar

Much less probability of failure!

Diesel Generators have a higher probability of failure as:

    - lifespan only 3-6 years
    - sudden failures instead of slow power loss
    - running times without oil lead to serious damage to the generator

Solar systems on the other hand: 

    - lifespan 4 times as long (up to 25 years)
    - not dependent on the subsequent purchase of fuel
    - very low risk of suffering an outage
    - also functional when the sun is only partially shining

Environmental pollution!

Especially in this day and age, it is more important than ever to operate environmentally friendly systems. A typical diesel generator emits between 16 and 21 kg of nitrogen oxide (NOx) every month.

Solar cells are much greener and more environmentally friendly than diesel generators because they do not require fuel and generate electricity only through the sun. Furthermore, they preserve the worldwide consumption of fossil fuel.

95 percent of the materials in solar plants are recyclable and can be reused for new solar systems after the end of their service life.

More nuisances!

The power generation with diesel generators produces a volume of 80 to 90 dB (A). This is comparable to the volume of a busy main street. A solar system does not cause any noise at all.

Diesel also causes an unpleasant smell through the combustion of the fuel. When generating energy through solar systems, this does not occur.

Much less expenditure of time!

A diesel generator brings high maintenance and repair costs. The time spent on this could be used more meaningfully.

A diesel generator needs regular replenishment of fuel in order to work constantly. Diesel has to be bought, transported and filled. Lots of time can be saved with a solar system.

Diesel generators live a maximum of 6 years. This means that in regular intervals the old generator needs to be disassembled and new equipment must be selected, bought and installed. Once a solar plant is installed it works for a long period.

Solar systems are independent!

Diesel generators need regular fuel replenishment.  Diesel is dependent on the world's market price, which future trend is rising. For the functionality someone has to buy and transport Diesel to the generator.

A solar system, however, works largely independent of market prices. The prices for spare parts have dropped in recent years and will continue to do so! No fuel is needed as the sun is for free and shining every day. 

Enough reasons?

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons for solar systems and diesel power generation. Just think about what your contribution might look like, so that people in Africa can live in a clean and low-polluting environment.

We are looking forward to further suggestions and discussions. Contact us if you need more information!

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