Consulting your individual Solar Project

Even the best sometimes need advice - that is why Sahay Solar Engineering supports your development project in Africa and other regions with individual, pragmatic support. Starting with the preparation of concepts and corresponding project applications, to analyses and feasibility studies, logistical solutions all the way to the takeover of the entire project management, we are willing to share our many years of on-site experience with you and assist you exactly where assistance is needed. Every project requires individual advice, so please contact us and we will make your project to our joint one.

technische analysen für Solar Projekt in Afrika von Sahay Solar

Technical analyses and feasibility studies

To design a detailed concept from an initial idea is often a big step. Do you have an idea for a project that you or your organisation would like to carry out, but the technical know-how in the team or reliable data for cost planning is missing? Our experts personally travel to your project location and analyse the situation on site in a profound way and aiming at a meaningful implementation. In addition, Sahay Solar offers the preparation of professional studies in order to examine the general conditions on site as well as the technical feasibility. Depending on the database, we use existing information or collect it ourselves in order to develop a tailor-made, cost-effective and pragmatic solution for your project. However, if a project is not feasible as planned, we are happy to help you develop sensible alternatives. Even after the project completion, we will be available as your contact partner and long-term consultant. 

Optimization of existing systems

Are you still hesitating to carry out your solar project and see more potential in your idea? In cooperation with you, our experts at Sahay Solar will ensure that your system is designed successfully and according to your expectations. Upon request, our team will recommend suggestions for improvement in order to achieve the full potential of your concept. In addition, Sahay Solar also optimizes the technology of existing solar systems. Whether this involves the replacement of individual technical components or the implementation of a brand new system, our team will advise you on the modification and modernisation of your system. The efficiency and quality of our services will help your project to the greatest possible success. 

Analyse auf Machbarkeit solare Anlage von Sahay Solar
Optimierung von solaren Projekten von Sahay Solar

Error analysis and alternative measures

It is not unusual for unexpected difficulties to arise when the implementation of a solar project is already in progress. Especially in rural areas of Africa, unforeseen circumstances can often present a hindrance. Sahay Solar will deal with your concern and find solutions if you are stuck. With our years of experience on site, we can provide alternative measures in every phase of the project if difficulties arise. On a technical and organisational level, we support you in identifying the cause, solving the problem and guaranteeing an intact solar system for the long term.