Consulting for your solar project

How we can support you in your individual project!

Even the best might sometimes need advice - that’s why we provide individual pragmatic support for your development cooperation projects in Africa and other regions. Starting with the development of concepts and corresponding project applications, via "import/ procurement of goods“ to entire project management, we are happy to bring our many years of on-site experience to you and support you exactly where you need it. No project is the same - and certainly not in Africa. So feel free to contact us and we will make your project our joint project!
technical analysis of solar projects by sahay solar

Technical analysis for your solar project

From idea to concrete planning - often a big step! You have a project idea that you or your organization would like to carry out, but do not have the corresponding (technical) know-how in the team? Or you need reliable data for budget and cost planning? We can help you!

Our experts are flexible and personally travel to your desired project location. We analyze the situation on site in a well-grounded and with a view to a sensible implementation. We take care of its technical challenges - e.g. How many people and animals need daily amounts of water? What is the electricity demand of a rural hospital in 24/7 operation?

Knowledge is power - therefore you should always know reliably and as early as possible and what is going on in your and your partners' project! We take this work off you and use all our technical knowledge for a successful project implementation!

Analysis of your solar project on its feasibility

From planning to implementation - once a project has been planned, the question of feasibility arises directly. Unfortunately, we have already seen many well-intentioned projects that have failed at the end of small, easily avoidable hurdles. We help you to prevent this, so that your solar project can finally be successfully implemented!

Therefore, we offer you the preparation of professional studies to examine the local conditions on its technical feasibility. In conjunction with the technical analysis of your solar project, we develop a tailor-made, cost-conscious and pragmatic solution for your individual project. Our flexible consultants travel personally to your desired location in order to get an optimal overall picture.

Depending on the data base, we use your existing information or collect it ourselves in order to provide you with the best possible solution to your problem. Even if a project can not be carried out as planned, we will help you directly to develop meaningful alternatives.

feasibility analysis of solar project by sahay solar
optimization of solar project by Sahay Solar

Optimization of your solar project

You already have a concept for your solar project and are determined to carry this out? However, you are still hesitating because you are not sure if there can not be done more? Then you are right with us!

Together with you, our experts will ensure that the maximum is taken out of your project. Be it an even more efficient, technical solution or the implementation of a hybrid system. We find out what is really in your project and show new potential for improvement at your request!

We are flexible and can put ourselves in your position. Our young and creative team not only ensures that your project is a success, but also designs solutions according to your wishes. Together we can manage to improve the situation of people in Africa in the best possible way!

Planning from idea to implementation

You have an idea for a solar project, want to do something in Africa and do not really know where to start? Do not worry, we can help you!

Even if you do not have a concrete concept, but only an idea for a solar project in Africa, you have come to the right place! Through our experience in the implementation of various projects in East Africa, we have already had many insights into projects of all kinds. We are sure that we can realize your personal project with our expertise. Everything else, such as the site search or concrete drafting, we take over!

We plan your project for you and use all our knowledge that this will be a great success in the end. Let yourself be shown in a personal consultation all possibilities and decide which dream you want to realize for the people of Africa!

Solar Project Planning by Sahay Solar
Root Cause Finding and Problem Solving by Sahay Solar

Root cause finding and problem solving

The implementation of your solar project is already running, but there are problems and you do not know how to help yourself? We'll get to the bottom of things and help you make your project a success!

There are many hurdles in Africa that must be overcome. Well-known conditions and laws from our usual environment are not there or only conditionally. It would be a pity if the will to help people in Africa is thwarted by such obstacles. We personally travel to the location of your project to find the cause(s) for your problem. Through our creative experts we can work together to ensure that your solar project will be successfully completed!

How can we help?

We help you to realize your individual projects. Inform yourself in detail in the individual sections or contact us today so that we can prepare a suitable offer for your project.

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