Water Projects in Africa

We help you with your individual project!

We take care of your new system! Together with you, we will make sure that your water project is a complete success. You are accompanied by trained engineers right from the start, ensuring a smooth process.

well projects in Africa powered by solar energy

Well projects

From idea to concrete implementation - often a big step! Especially when familiar conditions are no longer common and the environment is already a big challenge.

Together with our trained experts, we review your water project in Africa and answer important questions, such as:
    - What quantities of water are needed daily for humans and animals?
    - Which technical solution alternatives are most suitable here?

Depending on the data base, we use your existing information or collect it ourselves in order to provide you with the best possible solution to your problem. Even if a project can not be carried out as planned, we will help you directly to develop meaningful alternatives.

We take care of your water project!

Benefit from our established network! Our long-time local partners know exactly what to do so that your water project in Africa is in the best hands.

We take this hurdle from you and ensure a flawless, on-site logistics. Gladly you can help actively and experience step by step how your dream for the people of Africa is realized.

solar water projects in Africa by Sahay Solar
solar water pumps powered by solar energy

The best solar water pump for every project!

It does not always need the most modern technical solutions. We offer a broad product portfolio - from simple to complex, from inexpensive to cost-intensive. It does not matter if only a single-family house is to be supplied with running water or even a whole village including all agricultural land.

Our flexible experts travel personally to assess your water project. Together with you, we develop the optimal solution alternative, which not only brings the performance that is needed, but also works sustainably and as cost-effectively as possible.

How can we help you?

We help you to realize your individual projects. Inform yourself in detail in the individual sections or contact us today so that we can prepare a suitable offer for your project.

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