Water Projects in Africa

Solar pumps for drinking water and irrigation

According to the United Nations convention on human rights, access to clean drinking water has been a human right since 2010. Nevertheless, around 2.1 billion people worldwide still have no access to clean drinking water, a large proportion of whom live in the rural development areas of Africa. With the use of solar pumps, Sahay Solar Engineering aims to make its contribution to ensuring a reliable and sustainable supply of clean drinking water for all people.

What's more, agriculture in the respective regions is usually the most important source of income for the local population and is highly dependent on a reliable and cost-effective water supply. The replacement of diesel generators with solar power and the installation of modern solar pumps in agricultural irrigation projects thus offers a sensible and future-oriented solution both on an economic and ecological level. 

Wasserversorgung durch Solar Pumpe in Afrika von Sahay Solar

Drinking water supply

Together with our trained specialists, we supervise your water project right from the beginning: from planning to logistics to installation and finally to the long-term support of the project, we are happy to assist you. Our large product range includes  versatile products in different sizes, that can be used to replace widespread but fragile hand pumps with autonomous solar pumps, as well as to supply drinking water to larger village communities. We exclusively work with established quality pumps of the brands Lorentz and Grundfos. During all our projects, we attach importance on sustainability and cost efficiency to guarantee a successful installation and a reliable long-term operation of your solar pump system. 

Advantages of solar pumps

Modern, solar-powered water pumps are efficient, robust and offer an ideal solution for water supply in rural development areas. Not only can the use of batteries be completely dispensed in most cases, the technology is cost-effective and basically requires no maintenance. Thus, solar pumping systems amortize in a very short time comapred to diesel-powered pumps. Our product range includes basic compact pumps for a variety of purposes, standard systems for everyday drinking water and irrigation needs, and customised large-scale systems according to the highest industrial standards. For the planning and installation of the ideal technical solution, our experts travel on site, implement your project with the help of local specialists and, if required, instruct the local responsible persons within the framework of a specific basic training course on the system. 
Organisation von solaren Wasserprojekten in Afrika von Sahay Solar

Replacement of Diesel generators

In many cases, the issue with defective pump systems is not the pump itself, but the power supply from a diesel generator/gen set. Such systems are very maintenance-intensive and regularly require spare parts, oil and expensive diesel fuel. Especially in rural areas, this is not only a financial but also a logistical obstacle for local users. Sahay Solar Engineering therefore offers project managers the opportunity to equip already installed, standard water pumps with a solar power supply. In this way, the comparatively high costs of pump replacement can be avoided, local users can be relieved and the long-term security of supply of the pump system is ensured. This applies equally to WaSH, drinking water and irrigation projects.