Solar energy for Africa

We assist the implementation of your solar project

We look forward to sharing our many years of on-site experience with you and support your project wherever there is a need. No two projects are the same - and certainly not in Africa, so do not hesitate to contact us and we will transform your project into our common one.
Solarenergie Projekt in Afrika von Sahay Solar

Decentralised power supply

Many people or entire regions of the world still have no access to electricity. Off-grid solar systems offer the opportunity to provide villages, schools and farms with access to energy and thus increase people's independence and personal freedom. Especially in rural and economically underdeveloped regions, solar energy can contribute to a considerable and sustainable improvement of living conditions. From pico-systems to single systems and complex multi-grids, there are many possibe applications in the off-grid area. Sahay Solar Engineering assists you in all stages from planning and design of your system up to the turnkey solution on site.

Installing your solar project

Benefit from our many years of experience with solar systems in Africa. Together with our qualified staff on site, we  can ensure that your solar project meets the safety and quality standards and is installed smoothly according to your requirements. We offer a wide range of products- including small systems and larger systems. In joint work, the ideal solution can be developed. Our solar systems are self-sufficient and emission-free, thus creating a sustainable and climate-neutral basis for life in Africa. A combination of solar power with pre-existing, conventional energy sources is also possible, so that a grid access or diesel generator can easily be integrated into a new solar system as a back-up solution. 

logistische Abwicklung von Solarenergieprojekten in Afrika von Sahay Solar


Benefit from our experience and our established network. Long-standing local partners are well aware of the often complex import regulations and take great care to transport the required quality material for your solar project in Africa. We take the hurdle "logistics" off your hands and ensure fast and reliable processing on site. If the legal requirements for your project are met, we can in many cases also import the goods duty-free and, if required, deliver them to the final project location - even if no address is given.

Individual Support in all Project Stages

Project Preparations
From the initial idea to the final concept, we are happy to be your contact partner and support you in the preparation of your solar project.

Feasibility studies and site visits can help analyse technical data and conditions and prepare your project individually in the best possible way. 

Project Management

A reliable project management is the basis of every project. We manage your project from the beginning- beyond continental and cultural borders.

Africa's infrastructure can be challenging. Our partners will guarantee that the logistical processing of your project runs smoothly.
With a team of experienced engineers and local solar technicians, we are glad to take care of the practical implementation and the carefree installation of your systems.

We supervise your project in close cooperation with local partners and put great emphasis on sustainability, which can be guaranteed by our monitoring systems.