Solar Energy for Africa

How we can help you with your solar system project!

We gladly bring in our many years of on-site experience for you and support exactly where you need it. No project is the same - and certainly not in Africa, so please contact us and we will make your project our common!
solar energy projects in Africa by Sahay Solar

We install your solar project on-site!

The first steps have been taken, the project is planned and technically feasible. Now it's the final phase: the implementation of your individual solar project.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the construction of solar systems in Africa, you can benefit from us in the best possible way. Together with our local partners, we ensure that your project is installed smoothly and according to your wishes on site.

No project is the same - especially not in Africa. We travel personally on site and lend a hand. As a result, you always know exactly what your project is about. You can rely on us!

The best solar system for every project

It does not always need the most modern technical solutions. We offer a broad product portfolio - whether small or large formats. Together with you, we develop the optimal solution alternative, which not only brings the performance that is needed, but also works sustainably and as cost-effectively as possible.

Our solutions are all self-sufficient, clean and low in emissions. They thus help to create a sustainable and climate-neutral livelihood for local people.

Our off-grid systems work independently of a power grid connection and are therefore ideal for remote villages, schools and farms.

Furthermore, we also offer low-cost and uncomplicated systems that work on-grid. These can feed unused electricity into the local power grid and thus also allow people who are not in the immediate vicinity to benefit from this energy source.

A combination with existing, conventional energy sources are possible. The so-called hybrid systems take advantage of both solutions and are an effective alternative to the pure solar system.

best solar system for Africa Project by Sahay Solar
logistic handling by Sahay solar

Logistic handling on site

Benefit from our established network! Our long-time local partners know exactly what to do so that your water project in Africa is in the best hands.

We take this hurdle from you and ensure a flawless, on-site logistics. Gladly you can help actively and experience step by step how your dream for the people of Africa is realized.

How can we help you?

We help you to realize your individual projects. Inform yourself in detail in the individual sections or contact us today so that we can prepare a suitable offer for your project.

You can contact us with the details below or via our contact form:

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